Jun 8 -

Okay, so, this is a link for Ravelry - and it wanted a name. My professor called this scarf a “vision in blue”, so it is hereby known as a blue visions scarf. 

This was a wedding present for my friend. I’m sorry that the pictures suck, but I have a cell phone camera, and that’s all, no model (thus my mammoth bunny and I had to suffice). 


yarn - whatever kind you would like. mine was a gift, so I don’t kow what it was called. The blues change colour throughout the yarn, and I know that it’s easy to find yarn like this. 

needles - aero size 7.5. 

gauge - whatever kind you would like, it’s a pretty loosey goosey scarf

now..to knit

cast on however many stitches you want. If you want a wide scarf, put on fifty, I used 25, but I’ve made scarves at 9 before, it depends on your taste.

knit seven rows of basic garter

knit one row of elongated stitch

knit three rows of basic garter

repeat the last two steps until the scarf reaches desired length, and bind off

**MAKE SURE TO COUNT YOUR STITCHES. it’s really easy to go from twenty-five to forty, as has been the fate of some of my old attempts.**

Once bound off, add fringe! (Cut two pieces twice the length of the fringe you want for each stitch you cast one - so, I did 25, so fifty for each end of the scarf). It’s easier with a crochet hook, but you can totally do it with your fingers.